Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Made by Moxie Interview

As the year winds down, Schmancy is getting hungry (you know Thanksgiving is coming up!) That's why we enlisted Moxie who is awesome. And she happened to make us very happy with her new solo show entitled "Hungry" opening this Friday night at Schmancy. 6pm! Here's a few juicy tidbits to get you excited for the show:

Schmancy: What is the collection you are showing at Schmancy this month, and what is the inspiration behind it?
Moxie: The series title is "Hungry." It's a continuation of the two piece series I created for PlushYou! LA. It's one of those concepts that took hold of my imagination and I *had* to continue exploring it.
As for inspiration, I'm not really sure. Sometimes I like to incorporate shiny garbage into my work. I did that with a doll face and the whole project took on a charming-yet-disturbing tone that makes me happy for some reason.

Schmancy: Who is your favorite person (dead or alive)?
Moxie: Roosevelt Franklin.

Schmancy: Do you have a special place where you go to create your ideas?
Moxie: Not really. Having and developing ideas is a process that happens in your noodle... and if you're really lucky, you get to take your noodle with you wherever you go.

Schmancy: What is your favorite coffee drink?
Moxie: I'm really into drip with cream and sugar right now but, I've been known to cherish an iced carmel latte with a billion shots in it now and again. My heavens, I do love the coffee. We should have some right now!

Schmancy: What color is your hair currently?
Moxie: Pink.

Schmancy: Do you have any exciting news or any upcoming events you would like to share with the world?
Moxie: I'm really happy to say that my book, "I Felt Awesome," is finally available for pre-sale. It's a labor of love, two years in the making, and I can't wait to share it with everybody. (If you take a peek at it on Amazon, you can look inside!)

Thanks Moxie - and for all you fans out there stop by the opening to meet her this friday at Schmancy!


Andrea Brooks said...

Oh man, I love Moxie's work so much. Awesome interview, and I can't wait to get her book! :D

tanisalexis said...

I have a big crush on Moxie. she thinks I'm stupendously weird. and I like it that way.

her book needs to be in my library!

giolou said...

i have an ever-lasting craft-crush on moxie! she turns the internets into a hug... xoxo... with kisses!

giolou said...

p.s. to tanisalexis: jinx!

candice ashment art said...

I love reading about new artists to me. Love her work and creative mind! How enjoyable to read. thanks!