Saturday, August 7, 2010


Everything seems to converge at the same time... i.e. CCE's Event next weekend, LA Plush You the weekend after that... and the Scrumptious Delight Opening at Schmancy this Friday August 13th! Yep, Friday the 13th from 6-9pm-get your cool shoes on and check out the amazing Plush by artist Becky of Scrumptious Delight... Here's a little "taste" of her upcoming solo show, and some great Q&A.

Schmancy: When did you start making plush, and what inspired you?
Scrumptious: I guess the start was when I was about eight and I made miniature mice and bears from felt. I was and still am a real animal nut and always loved plush toys

Schmancy: What's your favorite "real" food?
Scrumptious: Hmmmm, favourite real food?? No big surprise, I have quite the sweet tooth and I am a big fan of marshmallows but I'm not sure if a marshmallow really counts as real food...
I eat sushi every week and really enjoy a good salad, like the green salad with pear and sheeps cheese topped with a mango lime dressing that I ate the other day...mmmmm!
I recently discovered that I am gluten intolerant and I have to admit that I really miss scones.

Schmancy: What plush food do people like the most of your scrumptious delights?
Scrumptious: I'm pretty sure that the cotton candies are the most popular item I make, followed maybe by the marshmallows.

Schmancy: Have you been anywhere recently? If so, was it fun?
Scrumptious: The last day trip that we took as a family is a must do for anyone visiting vancouver. We cycled around the sea wall at Stanley Park. We rented a trail-a-bike (like a bicycle with no front wheel that attaches to the adult bike) for my 7 year old which she loves. We stopped for icecream when we got to English Bay.
I've been working a lot recently but tomorrow I will take the day off to take the kids to Vancouver Aquarium, also a must do in Vancouver and also at Stanley Park. The marine mammals there are rescued animals who for whatever reason cannot be released back into the wild.

Schmancy: What other events do you have coming up this year that you want to share?
Scrumptious: Other events...hmmm I should really get on and organise for the holiday season...
I just finished making a life-sized plush bicycle for the Bicycle Arts Festival in Vancouver this weekend and I will be sending pieces for both Plush You LA and Plush You in Seattle. The Plushteam have a collective show at Hot Pop in Milwaukee in January...the theme is Candyland...right up my street!
As for holiday season shows, I'm not too sure yet...I would like to do some local stuff and maybe Urban Craft Uprising....