Monday, April 5, 2010

April Artist -- Laura Berger Interview

For the month of April Schmancy is showing artist Laura Berger! She won’t be able to make the opening show, but we’ll still be around from 6-8pm this Friday April 9 at Schmancy! Here is a fun interview with the artist:

Schmancy (s): Your artwork is really creative and cheerful; does it reflect your personality?

Laura Berger (lb): I hope so! Well, I'm a person, so of course I'm not always cheerful. But I definitely try to maintain a high level of fun & creativity in my life, all around.

s: That’s great to hear! You live in Chicago, what is the best thing about the city?
lb: The best thing about Chicago for me is the amazing & diverse restaurant scene. I really really like going out to eat. I do it too much. I also love being 8 blocks away from lovely Lake Michigan, which is big enough for me to (sort of) pretend it's an ocean. The people here are also really down to earth & friendly for a big city. That was 3 best things, but oh well.

s: Well, we have the Puget Sound which we pretend is our ocean! Schmancy has been selling your prints for the past few months and everyone loves them! Do you plan to have new prints for this show?

lb: Thank you! Yes, I made 4 new digital prints of some new illustrations to go along with the paintings for the show...

s: Awesome! Can’t wait to see them, so, what is your favorite dessert? And why?

lb: My favorite dessert is cheese. I'm being totally serious. I usually don't crave sweets all that much, but I have met very few cheeses that I didn't like.

s: Mmmmm, cheese! Yum! Do you have any favorite spots/places to gain insight and/or inspiration for your artwork?

lb: I think my favorite spots for inspiration are my car and my bed. Did that sound weird? I get a lot of ideas when I'm driving. Driving clears my mind; I really enjoy a good road trip. Many of my ideas also come to me either right before I fall asleep or in my dreams. I also like leaving & get a lot of inspiration from traveling.

s: A bit weird, but I suppose it depends on the bed! I’ve contemplated living in the windy city, but what is the absolute best thing to do on a rainy/snowy Chicago day?

lb: This would probably involve beverages of some variety. Coffee shop sitting with a nice friend or a nice book or a nice window to stare out...or a good beer at the Hopleaf, my favorite Belgian pub...or (more than likely) sitting and painting or drawing all day with a cup of tea. I really like this crazy smoky tea called Lapsang Souchong. It tastes like campfires.

s: That sounds like a good time...and a bit like Seattle! Thanks for talking with Schmancy, and can’t wait for your solo show to open this Friday!!!