Monday, September 13, 2010

Interview with Anna Chambers

Sorry for the late post...but check out Anna's latest plush online or at Schmancy! The opening was last Friday night, but the show will be up the rest of this month!

On with the interview:

Schmancy: What inspired you for this show "Multipy"?
Anna Chambers: I first started making 2 bunnies, then I just kept going in the bunny theme, after I had them all in a row, I thought "multiply" was a fitting title.

Schmancy: When & Why did you begin making plush poo?
Anna Chambers: I started the poo dolls a long time ago, just kind of as a joke, I wanted to make something gross as cute as it could be.

Schmancy: What is the best thing about being a mom?
Anna Chambers: Best thing about being a mom is the little baby smiles I get all day, I can't get enough of her giggles.

Schmancy: Where do you picture yourself in (life or business) in five years?
Anna Chambers: In 5 years.... I'll get back to you!

Schmancy: What is your favorite sweet?
Anna Chambers: Chocolate

Schmancy: Do you have any upcoming shows/ news for the end of 2010 (or start of 2011 - eek!)?
Anna Chambers: Another plush character of mine is coming out this year, only hint: it's an animal.