Thursday, April 9, 2009

Coco Howard and Spencer Moody- Interview

s- Congratulations on your successful show at Vain back in January, What We Do Is Also Secret!

ch/sm- Thank you!

s- This show only makes us excited for your future projects!

ch/sm- We are glad you are excited. We are excited as well.

s- Any major installation plans?

ch/sm- Some time in 2012 we will be unveiling "felted paris, joie de vivre" paris in it's entirety to 1/200 scale.

s- Do you typically map out your ideas 2 dimentionally or 3 dimensionally?

ch/sm- No maps. In fact, we rarely discuss the overall plan in detail. We just begin working and figure things out as we go, and it all comes together in the end.

s- How often do you cradle your precious pieces once completed?

ch/sm- At all times.

s- Do you have any interest in a s o f t l i f e movie?

ch/sm- Oh yes! Can you get us the financing?

ch- Actually, I hadn't thought about a movie, but I would love to do a book based on the Daily Creature Blog.

s- Coco! We hear youre teaching a kids needle felting class! How exciting! Working with kids, does it give you that childlike lift that gets you inspired? Or do you usually find that inspiration within? I usually find my inspiration at the bottom of a Baked Ruffles bag. It's different for everyone!

ch- I teach creature making classes to kids as an after school program. We make all sorts of creatures out of recycled sweaters, faux fur, fabric, and needle felting. The students get really excited once they realize that they can make whatever they dream up and that I am there to help, not to boss. They come up with some really great stuff, and it does give me a thrill to witness their creativity. Inspiration, for me, comes from just doing stuff. If I keep making, then it seems that the ideas keep coming.

s- Hey Spencer Moody! We hear you're moving your radical store, The Anne Bonny! Where too? And what can we expect?
How do you prioritize? Between your art, music, shop owning and saying hi to little dogs...whats first? And how do you do it?

sm- the store is moving to summit and mercer. near cairo gallery and the summit tavern. the move happens in may. i just do what i like to do and it happens to be the things you mentioned.

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