Saturday, March 7, 2009

Parskid Interview

Parskid will be showing new work at Schmancy next Friday, March 13th. Opening Reception is from 6:00 to 9:00. Do join us. Here is an interview we did with him recently.

S- First things first. How are you doing Parskid? What's new in your life?

P- Things are going really good lately. I've been relaxing and trying to stay focused. working on new projects and paintings. trying to not let life's distractions get in my way, being a hermit basically.

S- Congratulations on your new Teddy Troop release! How did you start collaborating with Flying Fortress? How long does that process take from concept to finished product?

P- Thanks, Flying Fortress and I started talking years ago. He asked me to do a design for the series. The process can take awhile, but it was a great experience working with him and I was happy with the outcome.

S- You have quite the wide range of production skills. Your website exudes cool screen printed felt dolls, installations, laptop bags, murals ect. Do you have a first love? An arch nemesis perhaps?

P- Yeah, I try to be well rounded and work in different mediums. I've been really into creating images digitally lately. I like that because I can work pretty quickly, get really detailed and create things I never could by hand. I enjoy the process of painting a lot too. I use only spray paint so that is probably my first love but ultimately my arch nemesis because its starting to take a toll on me physically.

S- If you could have one super power, no rules, what would it be?

P- To be able to change and distort the world around me. Basically things I visualize in my head would become a reality.

S-Where do you think your biggest influences as an artist comes from?

P- I get influenced and inspired by patterns and beauty in nature. Fantasy/sci-fi/horror/psychedelic films, animation, and books. Exploring what the world inside my mind looks like.

S- On that topic, do you ever run out of inspiration? Whats your magic method for coming back?

P- It happens. I think you have to clear your head and really look deep inside yourself. Close your eyes and see what comes out of the darkness.

S- Multiple news stations are reporting a zombie outbreak in your area. Do you already have a zombie escape plan? What is your first step?

P- Find weapons and aim for their heads. No real escape plan, just dive in and start killing. Hopefully I'll come out on top.

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