Thursday, November 13, 2008

Snaggs and Arbito Interview!

Arbito and Snaggs are two supremely talented Seattle artists who just happen to be married. They're two great tastes that go great together!

Their fantastic new show opens tomorrow night at Schmancy (1932 2nd Ave, Seattle) from 6-9p. In the mean time, why not check out the Snaggs' answers to the Schmancy Gallery interview?

Schmancy Gallery: Both of you are so talented! What is it like to live with another artist?

Snaggs: Ahhh, thanks!

It’s great being married to a fellow artist… and understanding what it’s like to go through creative blocks. We keep each other in check, and it’s nice to have someone keeping you company when you’re working on art till the wee hours of the morning in the dark, cold basement. We probably wouldn’t get anything done if one person was relaxing, watching tv upstairs; or even worse; already in bed while you are working up a storm!

SG: Both of you seem to be influenced by '70's pop culture. Do you have any favorite television shows or cereals from that era?

S: Favorite tv shows? Growing up, the Muppets, Sesame Street and any of the Rankin Bass cartoons were super influential; and still are. In fact, there’s old home movies of Snaggs in a walker, racing down the hallway and screeching when the theme song of the Muppets comes on tv. (she still does that too)

Recently, we’ve been obsessed with anything pertaining to the history of ancient Rome and just finished watching I Claudius. Snaggs loves Chapi Chapo and Gimme Gimme Octopus.

And cereals? Count Chocula, Cookie Crisp and Fruity Pebbles… Yumm! It’s a miracle we still have teeth left with all that sugary goodness growing up!

SG: Do you feel that having a web presence has helped your career? Do you find that having such instant and close feedback with your fans is helpful?

Being an artist in the internet age has definitely helped get exposure. Most of the art shows we’ve been involved with have been through galleries finding out about our work online…. and mainly through flickr! If someone is an artist and just starting out, get on flickr!! It’s definitely a useful way to see how receptive people are to new pieces; although at the same respect in can make you crazy if you’re putting something out there you’re especially excited about, and it’s like crickets chirping when nobody seems interested and comments on your image.

SG: Last question: How do you cope with the Seattle winters? Alternately, if you put your music player on shuffle, what albums would show up? Please be honest.

S: Seattle winters are tough! Once you get to December and already been dark, wet and glooming for a good couple months, it’s hard not to wonder, “WHY do I live here when there’s virtually only 3 weeks of sun all year (at least it seems that way)?!” We both try to just trudge on through the long winter months and get as much work done as possible. Alternatively, if we did live in a place where the sun was shining every day, it would be hard to be holed up in the house all day and have to be creative. Guess it would explain why there’s seems to be so many artists and musicans who live in the northwest!

We switch up listening to music and playing movies in the background. Usually we put on movies that we’ve seen a million times so we don’t feel tempted to actually watch the movie instead of getting work done. While working on our Schmancy show, we watched…err, listened to, Casino Royale, Dial M for Murder, Strangers on a Train, Seven Year Itch, Cactus Flower……

We’ve been listening to the soundtrack for Pat Garrett & Billy the kid (over and over again), Bo Diddley. Wendy Carlos/ switched on Bach, John Lennon/ Mind Games….

More photos of Snaggs' and Arbito's work can be seen in their respective Flickr pages. Make sure to stop back by tomorrow for their presale!

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