Monday, June 2, 2008

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Now that the Memorial Day Weekend has passed, it's officially tourist season in Seattle. Even without looking at a calender, I would know that everyone was on vacation due to the cyclical emails from friends looking for a place to crash and the standing room only 15 and 18 bus routes.

So in honor of those braving the grey of Seattle skies to watch people throw fish, this week's Etsy roundup is all about tourists and vacations.

Personally, I am tired of the grey (are we going to have a spring or summer this year?) and wish that I was on my way somewhere warmer. Like Califonia.

(JasonHillDesign's "Palm Springs Silkscreen")

Although staying in town has its merits. I could take a Segway (some people do)

(doodleandhoob's "Segway Tour")

to one of the beaches where I could check out the latest in swimwear

(charmingrosie's "Victorian Male Bather")

and accessories. I've heard that crab hats are *h.o.t.* this year.

(loopybooby's "Cindy Sue and Craig the Crab at the Beach").

Regardles of where I end up this summer, I'll be sure to pick up a souvenir.

(runamok's "Dinosaur Park Snowdome Notecards")

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